How To Call The Devil

How to Call the Devil. There is an old superstition in Nova Scotia that to call the Devil, all you need to do is to go to a four cross road. You would beseech the Devil to come, some said at midnight, other's state at the Witching Hour (3 AM). […]

How To Bring Back Leather Shoes That Got Wet Salt

Not only will they prevent the leather from wearing down, but they'll also keep water from seeping into the soles, which can travel to the upper part of the shoe and create even more damage." 2 […]

How To Break The Oculus Mirror

Breaking the Mirrors of Trauma Here are two facts about Mike Flanagan. He was born in Salem, Massachusetts, a city unrivaled in the extent to which it’s defined, even haunted by, its past. […]

How To Build Up Muscle Fast

Four quick and easy ways to build up muscle #1: Pick up your pace A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that one rep per two second was a whopping three times more effective than one rep per four seconds – so pick up your pace! […]

How To Create My Own Alter Ego

[5:35] There is a 5 step process to create the alter ego and step into it [6:10] The purpose of a secret identity [6:40] Example of a professional tennis player’s secret identity […]

How To Cut Titanium Ring

We do not currently have a video of how to remove a titanium ring in an emergency, however titanium rings are very easy to cut off using a standard ring cutter. […]

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